FAQs & Policies

Pre Orders

- Please note that any order placed within a ‘Round’ is a pre order. We do not have this fabric in stock and will be ordering it directly from the printer. Time frames for printing at this current time are around 7 weeks given the affect of Covid-19 on both international and domestic post services. Pre Orders will be posted 48hours after that rounds retail has been placed online - or earlier of all retail sells beforehand.


- Retail will be available with the arrival of each round from the printer. The listed fabrics will all be on hand and posted within 24hours of sale. Retail fabric will be posted to the website before round posting occurs, and will have the option to be added to the same parcel for those wanting to buy again. An announcement will be emailed out to subscribed customers and placed on the Blossom Bums Fabric🔅✂️ Facebook group with a minimum 12 hours notice. Some retail fabric may be exclusively sold with the mentioned Facebook group.


Base Compositions 


Polyurethane Laminate - 160gsm / 145cm WOF / 100% polyester

Pre Laminated Minky - 265gsm / 145cm WOF / 100% polyester

Regular Minky - 220gsm / 150cm WOF / 100% polyester

Athletic Wicking Jersey - 140gsm / 147cm WOF / 100% polyester


Polyester & Spandex Blends

SPF50+ Swim - 200-220gsm / 147cm WOF / 88% polyester 12% spandex

Squish - 300-350gsm / 150cm WOF / 95% polyester 5% spandex

Brushed Poly Knit - 210gsm / 150cm WOF / 96% polyester 4% spandex

Athletic Knit - 300gsm / 147cm WOF / 95% polyester 5% spandex


Cotton & Spandex Blends

Cotton Lycra - 200-220gsm / 150cm WOF / 95% cotton 5% spandex

Heavy Cotton Lycra - 270gsm / 150cm WOF / 95% cotton 5% spandex

French Terry - 300gsm / 150cm WOF / 95% cotton 5% spandex



Cotton Twill - 150gsm / 150cm WOF / 100% cotton

Cotton Flannel - 150gsm / 147cm WOF / 100% cotton

Cotton Woven - 110gsm / 145cm WOF / 100% cotton

Care Instructions

- Minky/PUL/Synthetic/Laminated Minky/Squish/Sports Performance/Swim SPF50+ Bases: wash in warm water, between 40-60 degrees with similar colours. To avoid any colours running in the first wash please use a colour catcher, do NOT use any bleach, fabric softeners or vinegars EVER. Line dry in shade, do NOT tumble dry. Do NOT iron.

- Cotton Lycra/French Terry/Muslin/Cotton Bases: wash in cold water only and with similar colours. To avoid any colours running in the first wash please use a colour catcher, do NOT use any bleach, fabric softeners or vinegars EVER. Some shrinkage may occur with cotton based fabrics, this will be around 5-10%. Line dry in shade, if tumble drying is absolutely needed then use a low temperature setting.


Blossom Bums Destash

- Destashing is welcome in the Blossom Bums Fabric🔅✂️ Facebook group, however please only sell on Blossom Bums fabric, all other brands can be sold elsewhere.


Fabric Friends Coins

- Blossom Bums these coins are not transferable into AUD cash or online money. They are a loyalty point which rewards shoppers for continual buying at Blossom Bums. They are also non transferable between customers. If a large amount of destashing occurs from a Fabric Friends Coins account, the appropriate amount of FFC will be removed from the sellers account. Coins for sales between Blossom Bums owners and customers occurring outside of this website will be manually adjusted post sale.


Fabric Quality

- Possible small flaws in fabric could be any of the following, but not limited to, slight bleed of colour, white or black flecks or lack of penetration by ink, any flaw under five centimetres will be termed a small flaw and still sent to customers, as will any mark on the reverse side of fabric. Any larger then five centimetres and we will contact the buyer before shipping.

- Colour variations, these are possible between printing rounds, as well as between different fabric bases. If you are custom printing and have concerns about colour variations between bases please contact us before ordering. Colour variations can also occur when viewing the design online and when in person, as well as on different kinds of technology, eg. laptop or phone, depending on personal settings. Blossom Bums hold no responsibility of colour variation between rounds as they are caused during printing from various reasons. We use two different printers for different bases, there may be colour variations between them, we will aim to print the sane bases at the same places, although from time to time we may need to switch due to printing delays.

- Flaws near selvedge, or within five centimetres of the fabric will not be considered an issue. The edging is rarely used when sewing so this will not cause any issues, unless you can price it causes an issue and is larger then the above five centimetres sizing for minor flaws. If the fabric is larger then the size description selected during order and contains any flaws in this section it will not be considered as a hinderance to you.

- Major flaws, while unlikely they sometimes do occur, upon happening we will cut around these flaws, if any orders are affected by these major flaws we will contact those customers directly and discuss moving forward.

- Please note that flaws do happen, these are uncontrollable. If the printing company deems a flaw acceptable to send to me then I will most likely deem acceptable as well. If you do not want to risk a small flaw in any fabric you order please consider shopping elsewhere.


Refund Policy

- Refunds are only valid within 30 days once fabric is received, past this time frame we will not accept any refunds.

- All details including order number and receipt screenshots are required for processing.

- Change if mind, sale or discounted items are not possible to refund.

- For possible refund your order needs to be in the same condition you received, photographic evidence required, unwashed, uncut and unused in anyway. 

- When we feel a refund could be applicable we will ask you to ship the fabric to us for review, we will notify you within five working days if refund eligibility upon receiving your item.

- Payment will be processed within seven business days of refund approval, all funds will be return via the same method of payment, minus the shipping fee. Funds can take up to seven days to return, depending on payment provider.

- Store credits may be given instead of funds, if requested.

- ‘Fabric Friends’ loyalty coins will be removed for you account for the total price refunded, if you have an account.