Teddy Bare Bums

What’s your brand name and where did that come from?
Teddy Bare Bums is a play on words (teddy bear) as my sons name is Ted and I wanted to involve him somehow.

How did your logo come about?
Something simple and cute

When did you get into sewing?
When lockdown started, thought it would be something fun to learn and be able to make things for myself and family

What’s your fave part about sewing?
Making something for nothing. Being able to see the finished product and knowing I made it

What’s the best part about being a WAHM?
Being able to work my own way on my own time

What’s the worst part about being a WAHM?
Trying to fit work in around the baby

How do you juggle the kids while sewing?
Try and do as much as I can while bubs is asleep or at daycare

What’s your fave print so far?
Navy Dino’s & Planet Confetti

If you could make any dream print a reality what would it be?
An Avatar the Last Airbender print 😍