Saini Lane Design - Alana

What’s your brand name and where did that come from?
It’s really just a play on my name, Saini is my surname, Alana (people call me laina) so Lane seemed to work.

How did your logo come about?
I’ve just recently changed my logo to the initials of the brand name. I just wanted something clean simple but elegant.

When did you get into sewing?
About 6 years ago, firstly to make my own business attire. I didn’t start making kids clothes and then nappies until my youngest was born.

What’s your fave part about sewing?
The process, seeing something start from nothing but a single sheet of fabric into something dimensional and with a purpose.. it’s brings me a lot of joy.. I often say to myself.. what’s the next step Alana!!

What’s the best part about being a WAHM?
Honestly just being able to work at my own pace and do my own thing knowing that I can stop at anytime to give the kids some love.

What’s the worst part about being a WAHM?
Trying to be more than 1 person at a time.. good mum, good wife, good sewer and all round good person.

How do you juggle the kids while sewing?
I give myself sewing hours while the kids and husband are usually asleep

What’s your fave print so far?
Gosh so many.. fabric venders have certainly upped their game regarding prints. But my latest make with the lily pads reminiscent of monets work has a soft spot in my heart.

If you could make any dream print a reality what would it be?
I love renaissance art so I’m looking at a few ways to make it a reality