Podasaurus - Jasmine

What’s your brand name and where did that come from?
My dinosaur obsessed 3yo came up with it!

How did your logo come about?
I created it myself and my 10yo chose the colour!

When did you get into sewing?
I’ve never been really great at sewing, but got into it a few years ago and myself a few dresses! I’ve learnt slow and steady gets things done.

What’s your fave part about sewing?
My kids don’t bother me! It’s something I do for me, and I can sit at my sewing table and look out the window with a hot cuppa and tune out for a bit. Sometimes I’m not even sewing in my room! 😉😂

What’s the best part about being a WAHM?
Staying at home. No office uniform required!

What’s the worst part about being a WAHM?
Staying at home. Trying to juggle everything on top of Stage 4 lockdown. But sewing keeps me sane 🤷🏻‍♀️

How do you juggle the kids while sewing?
Who says I do?! 😂 my house is more often than not a mess as my kids are not tidy!

What’s your fave print so far?
I love the Summer Fruits is going to be my go to Summer Print! I also love the Classical Artists Prints ♥️

If you could make any dream print a reality what would it be?
More ocean and sea creatures they seem to be a big hit!