Conscious Parenting Movement - Paisley

What’s your brand name and where did that come from?

The name Conscious Parenting Movement comes from the literal definitions of the words.
I first started Conscious Parenting Movement as a meet-up group and online circle for parents and parents-to-be, who were interested in a journey that was supportive of intentionally raising children to reduce mental illness later in life. It began as a stepping stone while I was having writers block for my book on the same theme.
I have been sewing since 2011 and I decided to bring together Conscious Parenting Movement and my creations under one banner, and I began designing clothing that supported families to connect with each other and were supportive of development and could be used as tools to wire healthy brains as well as reduce waste. CPM, also, accidentally stands for “Clothing Paisley Makes.”

How did your logo come about?
I asked my dear friend to draw me a logo, and she came up with the sketch,

 but I couldn’t find an artist to digitise it until this year,


so for the past couple of years I have used the ‘temporary’ green and blue logo that I created in Gimp.

When did you get into sewing?
I started in 2011 when I got out of hospital, my mum bought me a sewing machine a few years earlier which had been sitting in a box in a cupboard, I was so bored at home that I got it out and started making things, my housemate at the time entered my work into various galleries and art collectives around Brisbane and my first label grew from there, a few months later I had some pieces on a catwalk and then within a few years I had my own alterations shop, work on another two catwalks, managed a bridal alterations shop, my art published in a print book, started a small-run manufacturing business that was supplying Australian-Made items to WAHMS across Australia.

What’s your fave part about sewing?
That I can make clothing and art out of a flat piece of fabric. It still blows my mind that I can do that.

What’s the best part about being a WAHM?
Having a daughter!
I’ve been running my own businesses since I was 16, so working from home is nothing new for me, but being able to have my daughter with me 24/7 is something I am so grateful for.

What’s the worst part about being a WAHM?
Being a 24/7 single mum, with a mostly screen-free toddler and no biological family in the country.

How do you juggle the kid while sewing?
Inclusion! She’s sat on my lap since she was 3 months old, and still does at 29 months, many of the items I create are done while she’s breastfeeding. I built a large cutting desk and made her a cubby house underneath it so we can be close while I’m cutting, she has art supplies in my sewing room/office and has had her own sewing machine for the last few months. She helps me with mostly everything; design, packaging, sewing, snapping, anything she can. We do lots of singing and games and try to spend quality non-work time together through the day and night.

What’s your fave print so far?
I’m torn here… between (name???) that I was lucky enough to strike sew for Blossom Bums and my very first unique to Conscious Parenting Movement print that was designed by Illyri Art.

If you could make any dream print a reality what would it be?
It’s already real! It’s the exclusive to Conscious Parenting Movement mushrooms! Being released on 28th August 2020.