Cheeky Darlings - Fallon

What’s your brand name and where did that come from?
Cheeky Darlings, it’s a little play on our surname, Darlington and with a bit of puniness

How did your logo come about?
Kinda just winged it 😂 wanted something simple but pretty

When did you get into sewing?
A few years ago when I was pregnant with our daughter, I wanted to make her blankets and clothes. When we started using cloth I thought ‘hey, I can probably make one of these’ nek minute....

What’s your fave part about sewing?
Binging new tv series 😂 I get deeply attached to new tv series, and it’s the only time I get to really watch them

What’s the best part about being a wahm?
Being able to work from home with my babies

What’s the worst part about being a wahm?
Hmmmm, the kids get into EVERYTHANNNNG 😂

How do you juggle the kids while sewing?
I have a pretty epic set up and my sewing room is shared with the kids playroom, so I can work while they play (and get into EVERYTHANNNG)

How did you find working with Blossom Bums fabric? Which base do you use?
I love it! It was very easy to work with and the end result is amazing

What’s your fave print so far?
Up coming Dinsey prints 😍

If you could make any dream print a reality what would it be?
I love breastfeeding prints, like loooooove, bright and colourful